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SEO writing

 Search Engine Optimization optimizes the search result with the chosen keywords.

We give you a list of trend and usage based analysed keywords from which you can make your choice. We proceed to write your SEO content. Sooner we know you will thank us for this!

But be sure to manage and take care of all the numerous calls and leads you are going to receive.

Magazine Writing

Magazines show class. Whatever business or work you are into, Don’t forget to show your class with pride.

Class can be shown in two ways, one in quality work and other one through presentation of that quality work. We have interesting magazine ideas for any kind of business you own.

Business Writing

Business writing undertaken for business promotions.

Any kinds of brochures, invitations, testimonials, case studies, research writings can be done.

Blog/Article Writing

Creativity has never had boundaries and will never have. Blog writing is one creative art that we do.

Blog writing will be a periodical and regular work.  Blogs are one effective way to implement SEO apart from website SEO and increase search optimization. We write your heart out what ever subject it is and we also add masala for taste! 😀

Web Content Writing

Digital is becoming the new world. Without WWW there is no stay for you. Web content enhance your taste, choice and quality of work.

What so ever, At the end of the day it is writing  that will create a lasting impression. Just close your eyes and believe us. My Peeli is going to give all the magical rhythm for your music.


We do literary works, articles, magazine writing and even book writing as a ghost writer. “PERFECTION” is only quality which we never compromise. We even develop your hints into a fully-fledged content and assist you throughout the course of your work. We also edit or rewrite your work for improvisation. We also assist in autobiographies and other creative areas. No language constraints, can be done in both Tamil and English.


CREATIVITY” and “WRITING” are inseparable. Mypeeli is a pro in handling it. We offer lyric writing in both Tamil and English. “Poetry is a free flow of thoughts”. We do it for album songs and poems. Based on customer requirements and theme specified quality lyrics are provided.


“Script speaks, carries many untold sorrows and joy”. We provide script for short plays, pilot and feature films in both Tamil and English. Script can also be provided for theatrical dramas and other artistic works. Experience our feel good yet thought provoking script with crisp dialogues.


“Books are our best friend”. They take us to a fantasy world beyond our imagination. We write books on any given theme like life and philosophy, health and happiness, comics, fantasy, fiction and non-fiction. Customized book writing is also available based on the users’ choice. Books can be of a novel or a series based depending on the theme.