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About Us

A Company with its core placed on Content Management.

Any and every type of content (i.e., invitations, brochures, posters, websites, blogs, magazines, filmy writing) will be handled with a team holding writers with different niches  and styles in order to deliver the variety and something new in terms of what you get to read. First ever writer’s company in the south which includes writers, photographers, journalists and designers. My Peeli does not pertain to one style/stream. We provide a vast variety and difference in writing from one project to the other.

MY PEELI is one of a kind company that trusts , digitalization quality is completely based on the content of anything that is done digitally

Unlike many CMS companies with web technologies and technical services, MY PEELI stands on to merge Intellect, Innovation, Passion, Entrepreneur goals, Media, Literature and many divine and deserving fields with a vision for positive change and creativity.

MY PEELI focusses on the student and the community. Though MY PEELI core lies in Writing,

Our quill strands extends longer enough to make sure of what we really focus on

  • Entreprenuership/ CMS workshops
  • Events in the  intellect entertainment base.
  • Filming.